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is how we're going to do this! deal? deal.

  So now that we're a team, let's chat! During the week (when I'm not filming soulmates on weekends), I'm an Admissions Counselor for Messiah College. Each year I build relationships with thousands of students and families because I have a passion for people. I want to know all the things that make people great, and I want to celebrate those things!

   I graduated college with a BFA in Studio Art, which transformed all that I see and do. Another art-form that I engage in is writing (I'm hoping to publish my poetry in the future!)

     ...But what the heck does all of this mean?

  It means that I have a deep, deep love for relationships, art, and storytelling; 3 essential things to make a wedding film for you!


hear from my friends!

''Since Virgil's favorite show is The Office, I gave him the complete series on DVD. I think I'll make him the Assistant to the Regional Manager.''

''Virgil is a HUGE foodie. This dude right here really loves all types of food. He may be the next King of Flavortown!''

Guy Fieri

Steve Carell

''Virgil is easy-going and is always cracking jokes. He finds joy in making other people laugh. I don't blame him, considering he grew up watching my films!''

''Virgil = wow.''

Owen Wilson, probably

Adam Sandler

''Virgil loves exploring all genres of music. His Ultimate Playlist includes Hip Hop, Indie Folk, Contemporary Worship, Metalcore, and more. What a guy. He's my favorite son.''

My mom, who is the mother of one son

''Virgil, man. You're a great kid. I'm honored that you love basketball, and that I'm your favorite player of all time. But it's 2am and how did you get into my roo-

Kobe Bryant, in confusion

wedding videographer & storyteller & spongebob quoter

So, ''what's next'', you say?

filmsbyvirgil ∙ love above all

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