wedding cinematography & dancing & tater tots & love


Time to team up together.

Time to see that I'm not working for you,

I'm working with you.

Time for you to celebrate your love, and time for me to document how smitten you're going to be, so that you can re-live those moments for the rest of your life.

Time for us to talk about the gift of potatoes, and all of its wonderfully delicious forms.

Time for you to exclaim that you have a love story worth telling. A love unlike

any other. A love from your wildest dreams.

Time for you to declare that choosing

this investment is something that you're

not going to regret.

Because one day, your napkins are

going to be used. Your flowers will wither, your bread will be eaten, your string lights will lose power, and your

shoes will be worn out.

But the film? The one that testifies that, truly, the one thing that matters is Love Above All?

That's forever - forever in a film.

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Ready to make the investment? Yeah?

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